Oh Geode!

Eliza Fernand's show billow/ripple opened last weekend in Oakland's Fort gallery among sizable crowds and music. I happened to stumble in, having heard little about its substance beforehand, and immediately noted their similarity to Carrie's costumes and gallery pieces. In a good way. Both ladies' creations could happily live in a village together and subscribe to the same set of neighborhood association's member guidelines. What I mean is, their art shares the same wild palette and fantastical tactility. Eliza makes crocheted neon stalactites to Carrie's french fry bouquet.

A little crazy, sure. But fun! The gallery blurb describes Eliza's work: "craft infused abstractions...These installations are crafted with familiar materials and familiar forms, but the scenes are fantasy...each room in the gallery sets a mottled scene of contradictions—composed and organic, material and immaterial, intimate and encompassing."

I love sewn gallery pieces: no matter how sterile the vacuum environment, the art begs to be touched. Mostly, I enjoyed Eliza's large scale, landscaped objects that reference a family quilt, puppetry, geodes and caves at the same time. And I was impressed with the many different mediums incorporated into her pieces; any one person who can equally sew, crochet, knit AND use a hammer is a talented lady in my book.

**more pictures (and arguably BETTER pictures) of eliza's show here.

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